Power module for cornering light ($345.00): Fits Audi A6 (2003 - 2011). Part #4F0941329D

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Power module for cornering light

Part Number: 4F0941329D ; 4F0941003DA; 4F0941004AJ; 4F0941004CB; 4F0941004J; 4E0941003BS; 4F0941003AD; 4F0941003AG; 4F0941003DK; 4F0941003J; 4F0941004BG; 4F0941004CR; 4F0941329B; 4F0941003CA; 4F0941003AC; 4F0941003AJ; 4F0941003S; 4F0941004BF; 4F0941004S; 4E0941003BR; 4F0941003DH; 4F0941004T; 4F0941003K; 4F0941004BT; 4F0941004DD; 4F0941329; 4E0941003BT; 4F0941003CR; 4F0941003DJ; 4F0941004DA; 4F0941003T; 4F0941004AD; 4F0941004DK; 4F0941003AB; 4F0941003AE; 4F0941004CT; 4F0941004K; 4E0941004BR; 4F0941003BH; 4F0941003DB; 4F0941004AA; 4F0941004AF; 4F0941003BC; 4F0941003BE; 4F0941003BF; 4F0941004BB; 4F0941004BD; 5M2941752A; 4F0941003AH; 4F0941003CT; 4F0941004CQ; 4F0941004DH


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    $30 for shipping seems a bit much for such a small part...
    T. Keenan
    (Panama City Beach, FL)
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    E. Latos
  • Star
    Shipping too pricey!
    P. Joyce
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